Each Platter serves 20 guests

Sandwich platter - choose two options per platter below: 

·         Ham & Cheese

·         Roast Beef with mustard

·         Chicken salad

·         Egg salad

·         Tuna salad


Mini wraps - choose two options per platter below: 

·         Turkey

·         Chicken

·         Ham & cheese

·         Mediterranean


Assorted Cheese platter 


Vegetable & Dip platter 


Fresh Fruit platter 


Assorted dip platter with hummus, spinach dip,

baba ghanoush, warm pita and rustic bread


Seafood platter - shrimp, smoked salmon, lemons

Capers, cream cheese with rustic bread & crackers 


Deli meat platter 


Assorted gourmet cookie platters 


Dessert platter - assorted squares, cupcakes, pastries 

Please contact us to inquire about prices.