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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Caterer

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many things to buckle down. There’s the venue, the dress, the music, the cake, and perhaps most important of all, the caterer. Wedding catering is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your special day.

And it’s not just about the food though that certainly plays a role in your decision. Once you have an idea of how many guests will be joining you for your special day, it’s time to think about wedding catering. With so much going on though, looking for Durham Region wedding caterers can feel overwhelming. These 5 tips will help you choose the right wedding catering service for you!

1. Recommendations of preferred vendors

Weddings are stressful and time-consuming to plan. Wedding caterers know this, and you’d be wise to go with one that has a preferred vendor list to help lighten your planning load. A wedding caterer with preferred vendors for venues, wedding planners, florists and others can save you time and get you a fully coordinated event without losing your mind.

2. Quality of the food and ingredients used

When it comes to wedding catering, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Ask questions about the food and where it comes from. How is it made? Is it all made from scratch or is it frozen and reheated? The right caterer for you will be happy to give you answers about the food they serve and how it is prepared.

3. Enthusiasm for the industry

Perhaps you’re passionate in your own field of work. The best caterers are too. Choose a wedding catering service that gets it and brings that passion to every event they serve, big or small.

4. Exemplary service

With so much to consider when wedding planning, it can be easy to miss a crucial detail…service. Service is a huge part of wedding catering though. The impact of great servers that are friendly, efficient, and take care of your guests is the other half of the equation to match that delicious food. Look for a caterer that doesn’t compromise on quality service staff to ensure your wedding day exudes that happy and positive vibe.

5. Price compared to value

Very few people are blessed with an endless wedding budget. While you can certainly find caterers to work within an agreeable budget, remember that quality food and service command higher prices. Don’t go into it blindly though. The perfect caterer for your wedding will be delighted to schedule a tasting to ensure that the flavour, quality, and options you desire match what you have in mind.

Looking for Durham Region wedding caterers that embody these traits? Look no further than Cole’s Catering Services. Excellent service is not just a statement…it’s our promise to you. Contact us today to set up a tasting experience that will be sure to dazzle on your wedding day!

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