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Wedding Catering: Choosing the Serving Style That’s Right For You

Ready to plan the perfect meal for your wedding day? When it comes to wedding catering, you have a few options for your dinner service. You’ll need to choose between buffet, plated, and family style servings for your reception. Big or small, fancy or informal, each style can be specifically tailored to your wedding needs and each presents its own unique dining experience for your guests.

Wedding Catering Dinner Service

Your trusted team at Cole’s Catering Services has prepared some details on each option to help make your wedding planning easier, so read below to see which one would be best for your wedding catering needs!


Who doesn’t love a buffet? Buffets can be dressed up or down with your desired food options and are presented on a beautiful banquet table with your chosen wedding décor. You have the option of choosing to have uniformed staff serve your guests at each buffet station or simply have them at important points (like carving stations) to help make dinner service more streamlined. Buffet dinners are not only delicious and fun but also have a lower cost per plate and present a great opportunity for your guests to mingle and sometimes even have seconds!

Buffets are compatible with formal and causal weddings and can include multiple delicious food options for your guests. You can also employ crowd control to keep the lines from getting too long by sending up one table at a time. Your guests are able to customize their own plate based on the buffet options you’ve selected. And you won’t waste food by ordering too much when you discuss your needs with an expert wedding catering service either.


With plated dinner service, your guests stay seated for their meal with all courses brought out by the wait staff. Generally, it consists of three courses with options for your guests to order their desired main course (such as chicken, beef, or seafood). This is the most costly option, however it also is the most sophisticated and ideal option for an extravagant affair.

Plated service is ideal for a more formal wedding. Great caterers can ensure that all tables eat within minutes of each other, which is ideal for keeping your event schedule on track for speeches and dancing. It’s your big day and having a delicious three-course meal served right to the table might be the perfect way to serve dinner on your wedding day!

Family Style

Some wedding ceremonies are perfect for the family style option. This is a combination of buffet-meets-plated style. It’s more formal than a buffet would be but less formal than a plated meal service. Wait staff from your wedding catering service come around and place large platters of food on each table and your guests serve themselves from these platters.

Family style dinner service is best when you’re hosting a smaller wedding reception or if you wish to offer a more home style feel. It gives your guest a chance to interact at the table, while also keeping the event schedule on track. This option is ideal if you’re looking for a more casual wedding day!

No matter which style you choose for your wedding, let Cole’s Catering Services make your event unforgettable! Excellent service is not just a statement; it’s our promise to you. Get in touch with us today so we can help you make your decision and make your wedding day extraordinary.

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